MCC Heads to Minnesota to Strengthen Trade Partnerships


The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce (MCC) will continue its efforts to strengthen and reconfirm its commitment to trade with our largest partners. MCC president and CEO Chuck Davidson will meet with representatives from the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce tomorrow (Wednesday) to discuss the value of our trade relationship, and the need for open trade borders despite the stalled negotiations towards a renewed North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and tariffs that have been imposed by both the U.S. and Canadian governments.

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As we did earlier this month with North Dakota chamber partners, we feel these are important discussions that show the chamber network is united in our support of open trade. We have been consistent in our message that the current trade dispute is not good for business.

Manitoba, exports to Minnesota totalled more than $1.33 billion in 2017, while our province imported close to $1.5 billion over the same period. In total, the province does about $10 billion worth of export trades to the U.S. on an annual basis, and imports about $17 billion worth of goods.

Our hope is the more advocates for business we have on side, the louder the message will be to our leaders that we must work to remove barriers, not add more.

Importance of Trade with Minnesota

The trade relationship between Manitoba and Minnesota is critical to our businesses and industry sectors. Our close relationship is more than where we are situated on our map. It accounts for millions of dollars for tourism, agriculture, and much more. The current trade dispute resulting in tariffs on trade products hurts our businesses and the men and women who rely on domestic and global trade.

Overall Canada/Minnesota Trade Data

• Manitoba exports more goods to Minnesota than any other state

• Minnesota is Manitoba’s second largest importing state

• Canada is Minnesota’s #1 customer

• 174,200 jobs in Minnesota depend on trade & investment with Canada

• Canada is Minnesota’s #1 export market

• Canada sells more to Minnesota than it sells to Japan

Total Exports to Canada Threatened by New Tariffs: $226,764,620

• Yachts Etc. for Pleasure/Sport: Row boats, Canoes - $37,761,018

• Bread, Pastry, Cakes, and Puddings - $29,590,554

• Paper (Uncoated) - $28,654,705 (Source: U.S. Chamber of Commerce)

Minnesota exports to Canada by industry

• Agriculture: 15%

• Chemicals: 5%

• Energy: 3%

• Equipment & machinery: 29%

• Transportation: 19%

• Other: 5%

Minnesota imports from Canada by industry

• Agriculture: 7%

• Chemicals: 4%

• Energy: 62%

• Equipment & machinery: 5%

• Forest products: 6%

• Minerals & metals: 5%

• Transportation: 4%

• Other: 4%

Top Minnesota goods exports to Canada

• Automobiles: $283 million

• Optical, medical & precision instruments: $248 million

• Ores, slag & ash: $203 million

• Plastics & plastic articles: $153 million

• Beverages & alcohol: $143 million

• Iron & steel tubes, pipes & sheets: $135 million

• Pasta, breads & cereal preparations: $113 million

• Animal feed & food industry residues: $105 million

• Electric motors & generators: $97 million

• Stone & cement products, abrasives: $95 million

Top Minnesota goods imports from Canada

• Crude petroleum: $4.8 billion

• Natural gas & other gases: $748 million

• Electricity: $359 million

• Plastics & plastic articles: $307 million

• Motor vehicle parts: $262 million

• Iron & steel alloys & semi-finished products: $246 million

• Softwood lumber: $222 million

• Fertilizers: $220 million

• Cereals: $195 million

• Wood & semi-finished wood products:

$141 million

Top Minnesota services exports to Canada

• Business, professional & technical services: $190 million

• Travel: $160 million

• Transportation services: $148 million

• Royalties: $116 million

• Financial services: $68 million

Minnesota–Canada Tourism

• MN visits by Canadians: 658,000

• MN vacation spending by Canadians:

$181 million

• MN visits to Canada: 581,000

• MN vacation spending in Canada: $170 million (Source: Government of Canada)


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