Westman Rocks!

 Have you been finding pretty painted rocks around town and wondering where they might have come from?  Do you know what you are to do if you find one?  Here are a few facts on what these rocks are all about.

 Westman Rocks is about creativity, community and brightening someone's day. If you find an art rock you can take a picture and share it on their Facebook page "Westman Rocks", and either keep the rock or re-hide it.  There are no requirements of replacing art rocks you find with another rock.

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 Placing/Hiding Art Rocks:  Mark the back with Westman Rocks. If you have more space you may add the instructions on what to do if you find one.  Place them in public places, not private property.  Do not add or remove rocks from Provincial or National Parks or along railway beds. Do not place the rocks in grass where they may be hit with lawnmowers or weed wackers.  Please do not attach anything such as google eyes, paper or pompoms to the rocks as they may cause problems for wildlife and cause litter.  You may give hints of where you have placed your rocks, if you wish.

 Use acrylic craft paint, paint pens, or even nail polish to paint your rocks.  The best thing to seal them with if you wish, is any kind of outdoor all purpose sealer.  Sprays are quick and easy.

 You may purchase rocks at Garden Centres, or any stores that sell craft supplies or at beaches and gravel pits.  It is up to the hider if they want to give clues or how many they may want to give.  For most people they find joy just by painting a rock and leaving it someplace where an unsuspecting person will stumble upon a bit of beauty.  Have fun and enjoy brightening someone else day!

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