Synergy Seeds partners look forward to getting boots in the field


For those of you who are wondering, the nice little shop located just north of Souris on Highway 250 is Synergy Seeds. On August 9 they opened their doors to the public for lunch and a crop tour. Although it was plus 37 degrees there was still a good size crowd and great attendance for the soybean tour. 

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Synergy Seeds is the brainchild of Brett Locke and Kristie Dales. They have out a combined two decades of agricultural experience into their new business and it’s paying off. According to Dales it’s their passion. “Over the past 10 years Brett and I have held various careers in the Agriculture industry,” Dales explained in an email. “We both have a passion for being in the field and a drive to work for ourselves and we were determined, with a tight timeline to start a retail of their own in Souris. We are proud to be the sole owners and operators of our business”

Synergy Seeds offers premium seed brands selling soybeans, corn, forages and inoculant not available through other retails which helps differentiate them from others in the market with high yielding competitive varieties.

Synergy Seeds was formed in the fall of 2017 with Brett and Kristie launching the business without having a physical site. A sign on the land (just 1.5 miles north of Souris on the west side of 250 highway) let growers know where they would be based and their contact information. Both continued to push from the ground up to have an operational retail by spring.

“Customer service is a priority and it all starts with helping their customers pick a variety that is right for their individual needs and then checking seeding depths, plant counts, spray and harvest timing,” explained Dales.

On location you will find four 4000-bushel bins with bean ladders, a USC2000 to treat the soybeans and a twenty-foot AWSA certified storage unit. Taking quality seed very seriously, everything on site is moved through a system of conveyors to give the absolute best product to the customer, moved as gently as possible. There is a 45’ x 60’ heated shop on site for product storage with the North portion of the shed being a designated “office area” for both Brett and Kristie. 

Dales is pleased with the support they’ve received to date. “Considering we started by just posting an ad in the Plaindealer announcing a fall meeting having no ground work done on site, we were very happy with the support we received.” She said. “We look forward to getting our boots in more fields as harvest approaches and market ourselves by being on farm and talking to our customers.”

New for 2019, Synergy Seeds will have their own trial plots on the remaining six acres of property visible from the highway just south of the shop and look forward to helping their customers make informed decisions to be more productive on their farms.



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