Souris on the receiving end of Conservative investments

Souris is set to receive over $70,000 in grants thanks to the Progressive Conservative Government.



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Souris is set to receive over $70,000 in grants thanks to the Progressive Conservative Government. According to a press release issued July 23 from Cliff Cullen’s office Spruce Woods Constituency is to receive funding in the amount of $ 177,405.00 through community development programs such as Community Places, Partner 4 Growth, and Hometown Manitoba. This will allow for 15 upgrades and improvements in Souris-Glenwood, Killarney Turtle Mountain, Glenboro South Cypress, Argyle, Prairie Lakes, Cornwallis and Whitehead Municipalities.

“I am very pleased that our government is making these investments in the Spruce Woods constituency,” said MLA Cullen. “Projects like these make our communities stronger and improve the quality of life for Manitoba families.”

Mayor Darryl Jackson is also pleased to see some government dollars come Souris’ way. “It’s always good to get outside money,” stated Jackson from his office of July 23. “Most of our organizations and people work hard to gather local funds and when you get some outside money to help those funds go further, that’s good.”

The $70,000 announced for Souris includes five local projects. These are the North End Outdoor Warming Shelter Replacement (Community Places Grant) $9155.00; Glenwood Memorial Complex Lighting Project (Community Places Grant) $28,902.00; Souris Minor Ball 2018 Diamond Enhancement Project (Community Places Grant) $13,346.00; Hillcrest Community Corp Inc. Restoration of Balconies on East side of Building & Roof repairs (Com. Places Grant) 14,667.00; Souris Community Development Corp. (Hometown Manitoba Grant) $4559.00.

Kris Doull has been working with the former Skate Park committee and they’ve come up with a plan to use the left over funds from that project to build a new warming shelter at the outdoor rink. Using that as seed money of $7900 they applied for and received a grant of $9155. Andrew Hamilton heads the project up and now that they’ve received word that the funds have been received, the committee will meet to select a design and will have it completed by fall for the 2018 – 2019 winter season. “We are pleased to have this money in order to move forward with the warming shelter,” stated Doull. “Going forward the committee will look at a range of options to ensure safety and visibility at the warming hut.”

The funds received for the Complex lighting project will be added to an as yet to be determined Manitoba Hydro grant. According to Jackson these lights will result in a reduction of hydro costs providing they do what the experts say they will.

Souris Minor Ball was also thrilled with the grant of $13,346. This will go a long way towards completing their project. “This new grant will afford us to replace the dugouts, repair and improve the infield with new shale on Diamond 2, and pour concrete slabs in the dugouts of 2,3 and 4, explained Minor Ball representative Loretta Turner. “That’s another $33,000 plus.”

The Ball Club has been hard at work over the past few years upgrading the ball fields. Those upgrades include: Diamond 2 received a new fence and backstop fall 2017 through grants from Souris Glenwood Foundation, Community Places Program and Souris Minor Ball in excess of $22,000.

Last year they completely rebuilt Diamond 1, now Richardson Pioneer Diamond, a project that cost approximately $60,000. That money was raised through grants, business sponsorship and private donations, fundraisers and Souris Minor Ball. “These last project should have all our diamonds in good position to be in maintenance mode for a good number of years,” explained Turner. “As for what’s left to be done? We’re still working on the signage for the Richardson Pioneer Diamond and then we’ll be working with and supporting the Agricultural Society in the new washroom and canteen project, bleacher repairs. Souris Minor Ball hosted the Barn Bar at the fair this year. Organized by Darren Janz with music sponsored by Cement Entertainment, we were able to raise $3940. We are pleased to announce that money will be donated to the washroom and canteen project.”

EDO Julie Russell applied for the grant for the CDC in her short time with the CDC. That money will be put towards a fund for signage, benches and floral displays on Crescent Avenue once that project is complete. Hillcrest has already repaired one of their balconies and this grant will allow them to continue with the other balcony and roof repairs.

This funding announcement is part of a major investment in community development programs that support important community projects across Manitoba.


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