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Echo Finlay left the north behind when she moved her family to Souris to start a new life. Coming from a job where she served as coordinator for Family Resource Centre, Parent Child Coalition through Healthy Child Manitoba for ten and one-half years, Echo believes that stepping into the position of economic development officer (EDO) is a perfect fit for her experience.

“Much like an economic development officer, it is all about community communication and helping the community thrive through a sense of engagement,” she explained. “The EDO is slightly different with more focus on tourism and the economic scene.”

The economic development officer position was posted online and Echo actually saw that posting before she moved to Souris. “I was excited to see the position open because it felt like a good fir for me,” she stated. “I have an outsider view of the community and did a lot of research through the website and Google Earth. The added bonus is seeing it for the first time and appreciating what you have here.”

Finlay says that sometimes when you live somewhere you take it for granted but being new here or visiting you can see just what a treasure Souris is.

Finlay says she has been busy going through records of the past year and getting up to speed on what former EDO, Lon Turner had been working on. In addition to that she has been planning the Southwest Business Expo that will take place in Reston in February. “I am looking forward to putting a bid together for Souris to host the Expo in 2020. With the new hotel operating, we should be successful in hosting events like this.”

For now, Finlay will continue to work with the community, Chamber of Commerce and municipality to promote Souris. She is also organizing her office and is very thankful for the assistance she has received from the staff at the municipal office.

Professionally, her next task will be to assist the Chamber with the annual Scarecrow Days and personally to get her children ready for school and life in Souris.

“Right now we are talking about stranger danger and that’s something we didn’t worry about in Churchill,” she chuckled. “All we had to be on the look out for were polar bears. Here it’s just getting my kids used to seeing spiders and to stop being thrilled whenever they see a cow or a horse!”

Echo Finlay can be found in her office at the Souris Civic Centre and she hopes to be here for the long haul.




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