Manitoba Crop Report to October 22


Snowmelt has resulted in ditches and waterways full of melt water, causing overland flooding in parts of the Central and Eastern regions. Soybean and corn crops are standing better than expected from the heavy snowfall, with the exception of the Westlake and Western Interlake areas. Overall estimated harvest progress is 77% complete, below the 3-year average of 88% for third week October.

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In the Southwest Region: Above 0 C and sunny weather prevailed much of last week following the snow, with rain showers near Killarney and Mountainside. Some +10 C daytime temperatures occurred, but overnight freezing slowed snowmelt in southern and eastern districts. Pockets around Hamiota, Miniota, Russell and west of Virden did not get as much snow compared to other areas, allowing producers to get some crop into harvested. Harvest progressed last week only in these areas. Some producers have tried modifying harvest equipment; but many were unable to cover large acres since soil moisture levels are still too high to drive. Some producers have started fall fertilization and other field tillage operations.

Overall, harvest is 65% done. Over the past week, producers have been working on canola and completion remains near 60%. Moisture levels are high and producers are drying most of the crop coming off this week. Some sprouting has been reported.

Spring wheat is 85% harvested in the region. Some fields remain unharvested in northern parts of the region. Most remaining cereal crops are feed quality due to sprouting and mildew; producers are leaving them to harvest canola and soybeans.

Soybean harvest is about 20 to 25% harvested, and the majority has been harvested wet, around 17 to 20% moisture content. Yields are reported to be in the 30 to 40 bu/ac range.

There was some flax harvested last week, since farmers are trying to get at crops that are standing well, given the situation faced. Overall 20 to 25% flax crop is harvested. Yields reported so far are in the 25 to 30 bu/ac range.

Corn is drying down. About 35 to 40% corn silage has been made. Cattle are on fall grazing pastures and harvested fields. Some producers have started to feed. Rain and snow has helped improve grazing and filling dugouts. Concerns about corn silage exist, as many acres remain out due to the wet conditions. Standing corn is starting to dry down and in some cases breakdown from strong winds.

Cumulative Harvest Progress for 2019 Manitoba Field Crops in the Southwest Region to October 22: Winter Wheat 100%; Fall Rye100%; Spring Wheat 85%; Barley 98%; Oats 95%; Field Peas 100%; Canola 55%: Flax 20%; Soybean 20%; Dry Bean 10%; Sunflower 5%; Corn (Grain) 1%; Corn (Silage) 40%; Potato 45%.


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