Eissner realizes dream with new store

Erin Eisnner of Hartney has been a “treasure” hunter for years. She loves the thrill of “the hunt” in finding items for a good price and unique items. “I have always wanted a second hand shop but never had the space to do so until now.”

   Eisnner researched the market in the area for used items and looked at the most cost-effective possibilities of a second hand shop. “I knew starting would be the hardest part. During this time I started saving money in case a building would come up for sale or rent.” Preparation met opportunity a few years later when Eissner purchased a building that had inside damage from a fire. She did a complete renovation with the help of her husband, some family, friends and an awesome contractor. 

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  ”I sell anything from dishes to beds, decor, dressers and antiques. I also will be ordering in some new items such as jewelry, keychains and scarves. It just goes by whatever I can pick up for a decent price. The hunt is the fun part for me. I love doing it. We also do estates where we will pay somebody a flat fee and clean out the house or apartment for them and take everything so they don’t have the stress of finding somewhere to take stuff when they are moving. We even take the junk and we sort it all at home then sell off the stuff.” 

  Eissner is still figuring out the store hours but hopes to match the new thrift shop hours so people can shop at both the same day – those days are Tuesdays and Thursdays. She wants to be flexible and says she is always on call as long as she’s home.

  “I get my stuff at garage sales, auctions, and also hunt online for good deals. People also call me or contact me if they have stuff they need to get rid of. I will be doing a bit of consignment at my store but will not be doing any auctions for the time being. I will see how things go. I also fix and repaint furniture and redo dining chairs etc. I enjoy doing it when I do have the time to do it. 

  The name of the store is Hartney Variety – the same name as the former store. “I kept the name because this store is a historic part of Hartney. I also salvaged two stain glass windows out of the original building and had them reframed and put up inside the building.”

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