Blue Hills RCMP Report

The following is an RCMP Report from July 16th-July 22nd . The RCMP responded to the following Calls for service: 20 Traffic violations; 11Provincial statutes (mental health, fire prevention, coroner’s and 911 act); 13 Common police activities (alarms, suspicious persons/vehicles, assistance to general public); 8 Crimes against property; 7 Crimes against persons; 10 Other criminal codes.

July 16

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∙Blue Hills RCMP responded to a disturbing the peace call in Souris.

∙Police located a stolen bike in Souris.  The bike has been returned and an arrest has been made.

∙An impatient driver was reported to the RCMP on highway 2 by Souris.  The vehicle maneuvered around construction workers and knocked over pylons.

July 17

∙The Blue Hills RCMP also assisted with 2 Mental Health Act calls.

July 18

∙Police were notified of a dangerous driver ignoring stop signs and speeding in the Victoria Park in Souris.  Police are looking into the situation.

∙ A Dog escaped from it’s residence in Souris.  Police and Animal control were contacted.  The animal has been returned safe.

∙Police are assisting with a fraud file from Wawanesa.

∙The Blue Hills RCMP were dispatched to a Mental Health Act call.

July 19

∙An erratic driver was reported top the Blue Hills RCMP on highway 1.  Police were able to locate the vehicle and issue a ticket.

∙The RCMP received a report of mischief in Alexander.  They are investigation.

∙Souris citizens were excited to obtain 2 new, pure bread puppies from a Kijiji ad.  The puppies were located in Halifax, and the buyer only had to pay for the shipment of the animals.  The adopters contacted the sellers and agreed on a shipment price. 

They payment was transferred to the seller.  The seller, then asked for more money, this was for insurance, holding fees in the airport, etc. The sellers asked for the payment to be sent in wire transfers and google play cards. The Google Play Cards were to be purchased and the numbers to be photographed and sent to the sellers through text.  The phone numbers for the texts, and payment locations for the transfers were random and all over North America. 

When the Souris Buyers realized there was not going to be any puppies delivered and just more money demands, the buyers cancelled the order.

The seller then threatened to place their names on an animal abuse forum and contact the police about charging them with animal abuse as well.

The buyers asked that I let others know about there situation, in the hopes that they can warn other potential puppy adopters of the scam.

Police are conducting an investigation.

Please be aware when ordering on line or through classifieds.  Always be wary when being asked to purchase or pay for something with gift cards.

∙The RCMP received a report of mischief in Alexander.  They are investigation.

June 20

∙A caller dialed 911 because of a flat tire on highway 1.  The caller was angry, hostile and short with the 911 dispatcher.  The caller was not happy that 911 suggested they could call them a tow truck to assist with the tire, instead of sending the RCMP officer, as the caller initially requested.  The caller then hung up on the 911 dispatcher.

∙An assault Occurred in Souris.  Police responded and made an arrest.

∙The RCMP advised in a civil issue in Souris.

July 22

∙The Blue Hills RCMP responded to 3 calls for civil assistance. One in Carberry, RM North Cypress- Langford and the last was in Souris.

∙A break and Enter occurred in Souris over the last month.  Police are investigating the matter.

∙An erratic driver was reported on Road 250 near Alexander.

∙Police responded to 2 Mental Health Act concerns.

∙Police attended a 2 vehicle collision on highway 2. No injuries were reported.

∙The Blue Hills RCMP are investigating a break in Souris.

 Blue Hills RCMP wish you a safe, crime free week and Please drink responsibly, we do not wish to meet you under those circumstances.

 A reminder to residents to never provide personal information, such as birth dates, SIN numbers, credit card numbers, or e-mail addresses to parties you do not know.  If you feel you have been contacted by a fraudulent source, please contact the Anti Fraud line at 1-888-495-8501.

Criminal record checks and Vulnerable searches will require a 2-week span to complete.  It may take longer if you are required to have fingerprints done.

 Criminal Record checks have a fee of $10.00 cash, as well as, Vulnerable searches.  The Vulnerable search fee can be waived with a letter from the organization stating your volunteer status.

Both searches require 2 pieces of valid government ID. One must contain a photo.

 If you have any information about the above crimes, or any other crimes, please contact your local RCMP, Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477, the Secure Tip online at

Have a wonderful week.

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