Blue Hills RCMP Report

The following is an RCMP Report from May 28th-June 3rd. The RCMP responded to the following Calls for service:

28 Traffic violations; 6 Provincial statutes (mental health, fire prevention, coroner’s and 911 act); 3 Common police activities (alarms, suspicious persons/vehicles, assistance to general public); 7 Crimes against property; 5 Crimes against persons; 5Other criminal codes.

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May 28

∙Blue Hills RCMP was asked to assist the Calgary Police Department with a matter that has been completed.

∙The RM of Cornwallis had a cargo trailer broken into. Copper wire and tools were stolen from the trailer. Police are investigating the situation.

∙An abandoned vehicle was reported in RM North Cypress- Langford.  Police are conducting checks on the vehicle.

∙2 utility trailers were robbed of their licence plates in the RM of Cornwallis. Police are investigating the matter.

∙A 2 vehicle collision occurred on highway 5 in the RM Glenboro-South Cypress. No injuries were reported.

∙Highway 1 had a semi carrying loose railroad ties that was reported to the Blue Hills RCMP>  Traffic Services was able to locate the vehicle and inform the driver of the issue.  The driver corrected the loose ties.

∙The RCMP are investigating a report of a contaminated beverage at a house party.

∙An erratic van was reported to police, on highway 1 in RM North Cypress- Langford.

∙A snowmobile was stolen of the back of a parked pick-up truck on highway 2 in RM Souris –Glenwood area. The truck hauling the snowmobile was damaged as well.  The now mobile is a 2007 black and white Arctic Cat. Police are investigating the matter.

∙Police were dispatched to a suspicious person in the RM of Cornwallis.  Police are still investigating the occurrence.

May 29

∙A Tractor was tampered with in RM Souris-Glenwood area.  Police are investigation the situation.

∙A vehicle on highway 1 was hit by a passing Semi in the RM of Whitehead. No injuries were reported.

∙A driver was charged with using a cell phone while operating a moving vehicle.

∙A alarm call was quickly cancelled.  When a motion detector went off in Carberry.

∙Police assisted with a civil issue.

∙An Erratic drive on highway 1 was reported.  Police attempted to locate the vehicle, but could not find it.

∙Police were notified by 911 of an unwanted visitor in a private dwelling.  Police attended the residence.

∙The Blue Hills RCMP conducted a wellbeing check on an individual in Carberry. The person was located by the police.

May 30

∙Blue Hills RCMP, were notified of a vehicle upside down and smouldering in the RM of Cornwallis.  No one was in the vehicle at the time of detection, Police had the vehicle towed.

∙Members assisted and advised in a civil issue in RM Cornwallis.

∙Police inspected an alarm call in the RM of Elton.  Nothing suspicious was reported.

∙There was a break in at the Wawanesa waste Transfer site.  Police are investigation the situation.

∙An individual received a disturbing phone call on a business line, during business hours.  Police are investigating the matter.

∙3 individuals were reported being seen drinking and them driving separate vehicles right after.  Police are investigating.

∙Police Charged 2 drivers with speeding.  One was in RM Cornwallis and the other was in RM Glenboro-South Cypress.

May 31

∙An assault occurred in Carberry. Police attended and placed one person under arrest.

∙2 Erratic drivers were reported on Highway 1, speeding and weaving through traffic.  Police were unable to locate the vehicles.

∙A suspicious person was reported in the Souris-Glenwood area.  Police are monitoring the situation.

∙Suspected narcotics were located in the RM of Cornwallis.  Police are investigating.

∙A vehicle passed a school bus with it’s lights on and stop sign extended in the RM of Cornwallis.  Police are locating the vehicle.

∙A pay check was deposited into the wrong person’s account in Carberry.  Police are assisting the complainant.

∙Another suspicious person was reported.  This time in RM Oakland-Wawanesa.  Police are investigating and searching the description for the individual.

∙An erratic driver was reported to police on road 457 in the RM of Cornwallis.  Police were able to locate the vehicle.

∙A speeder was charged by police on highway 110 in Brandon.

June 1

∙An impaired driver was reported to the Blue Hills RCMP leaving the Sand Hills Casino.  Police attempted to locate the vehicle and made surrounding RCMP detachments aware of the vehicles description.

∙A railway tie looked to be sticking out of the road on highway 1. Police have received many calls about the railroad tie.  CN Rail was contacted by the RCMP. Both the RCMP and CN Rail have inspected the tracks and the road where the tie is lifting.  The tie is actually rubber and will not harm vehicles if it is driven over, but because of the look and possibility of vehicles swerving to avoid the protrusion.  The CN rail have been asked to place a warning sign and make it a high priority to fix.

∙A theft was reported in North Cypress-Langford.  Police are investigating the situation.

∙Threats were uttered to an individual in RM Oakland-Wawanesa.  Police are also investigating this occurrence.

∙A car was stolen in Souris. A black Chrysler 200.  The Blue Hills RCMP are investigating the theft.

∙3 vehicles crossed a farmers crops to obtain access to a fishing location in the RM of Whitehead. Police are dealing with the situation.  Please do not pass through private property.

∙A possible impaired driver was reported to the RCMP in RM Whitehead on highway 1. The vehicle was located by police.  The driver was not impaired, but was in a condition that they were deemed unable to operate a moving vehicle.  Police assisted the driver in contacting family, to remove the individual from behind the wheel.

∙An erratic driver was reported on highway 10.  The person was driving too slow and disrupting traffic.  The vehicle and driver were located by police.

June 2

∙3 traffic tickets were issued by Blue Hills RCMP. Two for speeding and one was for failing to come to a complete stop at a designated stop sign.

∙A person made threatening statements on social media.  These statements were taken seriously by the RCMP and the Winnipeg Police force.  A member of the Blue Hills RCMP was dispatched to the house of the person who posted the threat on Social media. 

∙Police were called out to a Mental Health Act incident.

June 3

∙Blue Hills RCMP assisted with 2 Mental Health Act calls.

∙An erratic driver was reported on highway 10 on the RM of Cornwallis.  Police were unable to locate the vehicle.

∙Individuals on ATV’s are causing a disturbance and damage in RM of North Cypress Langford.  Police are patrolling and monitoring the situation.

∙A suspicious Truck was seen on a property in RM Elton.  Police are investigating the situation.

∙A civil dispute happened with in a residence of Carberry, and 2 American citizens visited the Detachment to inquire about police assistance with a civil matter.

∙A fire in RM Whitehead got a bit out of control for the owner.  Fire and police attended the scene.  The owner had minor injuries and not property was damaged in the fire.

∙Someone disobeyed a stop sign in the RM of Cornwallis, and received a ticket.

∙Police were called to Glenboro for a disturbance complaint.  The RCMP are attending to the situation.

That is all for this week,

 Blue Hills RCMP wish you a safe, crime free week and Please drink responsibly, we do not wish to meet you under those circumstances.

 A reminder to residents to never provide personal information, such as birth dates, SIN numbers, credit card numbers, or e-mail addresses to parties you do not know.  If you feel you have been contacted by a fraudulent source, please contact the Anti Fraud line at 1-888-495-8501.

 Criminal record checks and Vulnerable searches will require a 2-week span to complete.  It may take longer if you are required to have fingerprints done.

 Criminal Record checks have a fee of $10.00 cash, as well as, Vulnerable searches.  The Vulnerable search fee can be waived with a letter from the organization stating your volunteer status.

Both searches require 2 pieces of valid government ID. One must contain a photo.

 If you have any information about the above crimes, or any other crimes, please contact your local RCMP, Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477, the Secure Tip online at

 Have a wonderful week.

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