Blue Hills RCMP Report

The following is an RCMP Report from May 21- to May 27. The RCMP responded to the following Calls for service: 20 Traffic violations; 4 Provincial statutes (mental health, fire prevention, coroner’s and 911 act); 17 Common police activities (alarms, suspicious persons/vehicles, assistance to general public); 2 Crimes against property; 3 Crimes against persons; 5 Other criminal codes.

May 21

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∙RCMP members assisted with a civil matter in Brandon, as well as, in Carberry.

∙There was a collision with a deer on highway 1. The vehicle was able to limp into Brandon after the accident.  No injuries were reported.

∙6 drivers were warned on the roads today. Speeding, not showing licences or registration and for erratic driving.

∙Money was reported stolen in Souris. Police are investigating the situation.

∙Police also responded to a residential alarm in RM of Elton. When the RCMP arrived on scene they examined the property, nothing seemed out of the ordinary and the building was locked up.

May 22

∙Police were dispatched to a business alarm call in the early morning. While on route the call was cancelled, it seems a cat attacked the door and set of the alarm.

∙Police received a report of a livestock being pelted by someone who is not the owner.  Police are investigating this matter.

∙Police advised 3 separate callers in 3 different areas of Blue Hills with civil issues.

∙A controlled substance’s vessel was found on a property in Carberry. Police have safely disposed of the object.

∙2 erratic drivers were reported one on highway 1 in the RM of Whitehead and the other was on highway 10 in EM of Elton.

∙Police conducted a wellbeing check on an individual. This individual was located safe an unharmed.

May 23

∙Blue Hills RCMP caught a speeder on highway 1 in RM North Cypress- Langford. The fine was 639 dollars.

∙The RCMP assisted with 2 civil issues one in Souris and another in Carberry.

∙A vehicle hit a deer on Highway 2 in RM Oakland - Wawanesa.  No injuries were reported and the vehicle had minor damage.

May 24

∙The RCMP responded to a disturbing the peace call in Carberry.  The matter has been cleared up.

∙The police were notified of an erratic driver in Glenboro.  The driver is consistently disobeying the posted speed signs in a school zone. Police are investigating and keeping watch on the situation.

∙Police also assisted with a disturbance in RM Glenboro-South Cypress.

May 25

∙Police were notified of suspicious individuals on the side of the highway, on highway 1 in RM North Cypress-Langford. Police were unable to locate the subject.

∙2 off road vehicles were reported driving erratically on road 464.  One of the drivers was not wearing a mandatory helmet.  Police patrolled the area, but were unable to locate the off road vehicles.

∙Police responded to a civil matter in Carberry.

∙The Blue Hills RCMP, were dispatched to 2 alarm calls. One was located in the RM of Oakland-Wawanesa. The other was in Carberry.  Both alarms were advised by the key holders to be false.

∙An erratic driver was doing donuts, while driving on personal property in RM Glenboro-South Cypress.

∙An erratic driver was also reported on highway 10.  Police located the vehicle and issued a warning.

May 26

∙An adult female was reported missing in Carberry.  Police were able to locate the missing female with in hours of the notification.

∙An individual was intoxicated and was found inside an unfamiliar house.  Police were notified of the intrusion, and arrived on scene.  The RCMP, escorted the individual to Brandon. The Owners of the residence wished not to press charges, but the individual was lodged in cells until sober.

∙An erratic driver was reported on highway 1 in RM North Cypress- Langford. Police attempted to locate the driver, but they could not find the vehicle.

∙Police assisted with a Mental Health Act call.

May 27

∙The Blue Hills RCMP was dispatched to Souris for a disturbance call.

∙RCMP attended a residence in the RM of Whitehead to assist the EMS, the RCMP was also dispatched to assist the EMS in Shilo.

∙The Blue Hills RCMP, were advised that a person had gone missing on the Friday. This individual was located with out injuries and safe at a friend’s house.

∙Police were dispatched to a collision in RM Cornwallis. A vehicle was located at the scene on its roof.  The driver was escorted to the closest hospital with injuries.

Blue Hills RCMP wish you a safe, crime free week and Please drink responsibly, we do not wish to meet you under those circumstances.

A reminder to residents to never provide personal information, such as birth dates, SIN numbers, credit card numbers, or e-mail addresses to parties you do not know.  If you feel you have been contacted by a fraudulent source, please contact the Anti Fraud line at 1-888-495-8501.

Criminal record checks and Vulnerable searches will require a 2-week span to complete.  It may take longer if you are required to have fingerprints done.

Criminal Record checks have a fee of $10.00 cash, as well as, Vulnerable searches.  The Vulnerable search fee can be waived with a letter from the organization stating your volunteer status.

Both searches require 2 pieces of valid government ID. One must contain a photo.

 If you have any information about the above crimes, or any other crimes, please contact your local RCMP, Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477, the Secure Tip online at

Have a wonderful week.

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