If you were unable to attend the School Play "Annie" last week, that is very unfortunate.  The students of Souris School, Director Mr. Brady Chyzyk, and Vocal Director Mrs. Sharon Brown put together a fantastic musical that has left people in awe.  The many talents in acting and singing that we have right here in this town are amazing.  Let’s begin back in 1933, when eleven-year-old Annie is in the Municipal Girl’s Orphanage. She tries to escape but gets caught by the head of the orphanage, and a very ill tempered, Miss Hannigan. Annie finally escapes by climbing into a laundry basket, but is caught and brought back to the orphanage.  Fast forward to billionaire Oliver Warbucks.  He sends his assistant Grace to the orphanage asking for an orphan to come to his mansion for Christmas Holidays. With luck Annie is chosen to go.  Mr. Warbucks grows to love Annie very much and wants to adopt her, but Annie is determined to find her parents. After much scandal, it is found through President Roosevelt and his Secret Service, that Annie's parents did actually pass away when she was a baby. From there I think you should be able to figure out the ending.  This musical was held at the Avalon Theatre this year and it was very successful.  The theatre was full for all three shows. Mr. Chyzyk assured everyone that next year’s performance will be "bigger than ever". So, if you can go, please do!  Who knows whom you might be watching on Broadway, the big screen, or both in the future?  I'm pretty sure any one of these performers could be there!   

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