A Year in the Life of Souris District Arts Council - 2018

Ever since the seeds were planted to start an Arts Council fourteen years ago, one of our main goals has been to foster the arts in our own community.  While planning a year of arts activities, we try to touch on different aspects in the arts, reaching out to new people as possible new concert goers, and yet encouraging our current season’s ticket holders and present attendees with providing another performance they will enjoy so that they will keep on coming back for more.  In addition, we want to be able to expand on the artistic endeavours in the Souris area.

During this past year, five performances were presented – The 18 musicians of The Mark Humphries Orchestra brought their music in great Big Band style; Gordon McKeeman and his Rhythm Boys of PEI had the audience tapping their feet to lively East Coast Music; in MTC’s rural touring production, Rod Beattie appeared in many different roles in his telling of the classic, ‘A Christmas Carol’’; Bob Cates wowed the crowd with his juggling and magic in ‘Comedy in Motion’; and Adam T. Elvis and the Good Rockin’ Tonite Band had everyone rockin’ and rollin’ with his tribute to Elvis Presley.  Each performance brought its own special artistic talents to the fore, and we were so privileged to be a part of it all.  We have also attended workshops, developed our own website, and begun the preparations for the coming year’s events.  In addition, we were able to assist with funding to provide Concerts in Care for the residents of the Personal Care Home in Souris.

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It has been another great year!  There are so many people to thank, including the Manitoba Arts Network for including us in their tours, Manitoba Sports, Culture, & Heritage for our Audience Development Grants, the Municipality of Souris-Glenwood for their on-going support, the Board of the Avalon Theatre who have worked with us to improve the facility for our performances, as well as all of our local sponsors, who so willingly helped us reach our goals by providing their monetary support.  And then there are all the volunteers who have helped us – the board members, our members-at-large and our friends of the arts – who have assisted us in being able to host the events we have planned.

And now, Souris District Arts Council is thrilled to be able to announce the five performances that will be part of our next season:

• The Beetles from Brandon, with the music of the boys from Liverpool - John, Paul, George, and Ringo

• Don Amero, country-folk singer/songwriter and his band from Winnipeg, with ‘Amero Little Christmas’

• Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre’s rural touring production of ‘Buying the Farm’, a romantic comedy with rural roots

• Cellist Chloe Dominguez and pianist Janelle Fung of Montreal who bring the music of the masters to life, and in the process, help us to understand

• Casati, a folk and jazz trio from Winnipeg with their lush harmonies and inventive instrumentation

We are looking forward to being able to bring the Souris District another year of quality entertainment and enjoyment at a reasonable price.  More information will follow in an upcoming edition of this paper.



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