6 steps to effective job posting in 2023

Attracting the best talent is a major challenge for companies, and that means writing an effective job ad.

In 2023, candidates’ expectations and recruitment practices have evolved, requiring human resources professionals to adopt an ever more innovative approach adapted to market needs. In a competitive environment, the quality of your job advertisement reflects your company’s image and determines the success of future recruitment.

With this in mind, we invite you to discover 6 key steps to writing a job offer that will appeal to candidates in 2023. By mastering these steps, you’ll maximize your chances ofattracting qualified profiles, reinforcing your employer brand and developing your company thanks to committed, high-performance employees.

1. Understand the needs of the company and the position

Before writing your job advertisement, it’s vital to fully understand your company’s needs and the specifics of the position to be filled. This will enable you to target precisely the skills and qualifications required, as well as the responsibilities associated with the position.

Identify key skills and qualifications

To determine the key competencies and qualifications required, start by drawing up a list of the skills that are essential for success in the position. Include both technical skills, related to the area of expertise, and behavioral skills, such as communication, time management or teamwork. Don’t hesitate to consult managers and staff in the relevant department to refine your list.

Analyze job responsibilities and objectives

Next, analyze the job’s responsibilities and objectives, detailing day-to-day tasks as well as medium- and long-term projects. This will help you determine the ideal profile to meet the company’s strategic challenges and ensure the success of the position.

2. Write a clear, attractive job title

The job title is the first thing potential candidates will see. It must be both clear and attractive to arouse their interest and encourage them to read the rest of the ad.

Use specific terms that candidates can understand

Choose precise terms that candidates can understand, avoiding acronyms or internal jargon. Use simple, professional language that reflects the seriousness of the company and the quality of the position.

Include elements that arouse the interest of potential candidates

Include elements that will attract the attention of candidates, such as the level of experience required, the type of contract or the benefits offered. For example, a title such as “Software Development Engineer – Permanent contract – Telecommuting possible” will be well received by candidates looking for a stable opportunity with a degree of flexibility.

3. Describe job responsibilities precisely and concisely

The job description should give candidates a clear idea of what will be expected of them on a day-to-day basis, as well as the medium- and long-term objectives to be achieved. This will enable them to better assess their suitability for the position and to project themselves into their future missions.

List daily tasks and long-term projects

Make a list of daily tasks and long-term projects, specifying areas of responsibility and expected results. Be sure to present this information in a concise, structured way, avoiding long enumerations.

Highlight the position’s impact on the company

Show how the position contributes to the company’s success, highlighting its impact on strategic objectives, team performance or customer satisfaction. This will help candidates better understand the importance of their role and make them feel valued.

4. Present the requirements, skills and qualifications needed

It’s vital to clearly detail the requirements, skills and qualifications needed for the position, so that candidates can assess their suitability for the profile sought.

Distinguish between mandatory requirements and desirable skills

Clearly separate mandatory requirements, such as diplomas, experience or specific technical skills, from desirable skills, which may represent an additional asset for the candidate. This distinction will help candidates target their applications more effectively and make the selection process easier for recruiters.

Mention job-specific training and certifications

Don’t forget to include job-specific training and certifications, which may be required to perform certain functions or work in certain industries. This will enable candidates to check that they have the required qualifications, and to prepare themselves to complete their training before applying.

5. Promote corporate culture and employee benefits

Company culture and employee benefits are key to attracting and retaining top talent. Promote them in your job ad to attract candidates and strengthen your employer brand.

Share the company’s vision, values and mission

Present your company’s vision, values and mission, emphasizing what sets you apart from your competitors. This will enable candidates to better understand your corporate culture and determine whether it matches their career aspirations.

Highlight benefits, career paths and professional development opportunities

Describe the benefits offered to employees, such as paid leave, insurance or savings plans, as well as career development prospects and continuing education opportunities. This will encourage candidates to apply to join a company that invests in their well-being and professional development.

6. Making job offers visible and accessible to potential candidates

To attract a maximum number of qualified candidates, it’s essential to make your job offer visible and accessible on platforms tailored to your target audience.

Choose the distribution platforms best suited to your target audience

Select the distribution platforms best suited to your target audience, taking into account candidates’ preferences and the specifics of the position. For example, give preference to generalist job boards for positions accessible to a wide audience, and to specialized sites for positions requiring specific skills.

Optimize your job posting for better online visibility

Make sure your job ad is well referenced on search engines and job boards, using relevant keywords and following good web writing practices. This will make it easier for candidates to find your ad when searching online.

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