Souris-Glenwood Council notes


The Council for the Municipality of Souris-Glenwood held its regular meeting on Tuesday, December 10 with the following members present: Mayor Darryl Jackson, Councillors Donald Brown, Sandra Denbow, Detlef Eissner, Darcy Gerow, William Tanguay and CAO Charlotte Parham. Regrets: Councillor Todd Walker.

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The following information is a partial accounting of the minutes. A full account is on file at the office and can be read by anyone during regular office houors. The following motions were approved:

• that the agenda be adopted presented.

• that the minutes of the Regular Meeting of Council held November 12, 2019 be adopted as circulated.

• to approve for payment list of accounts: a. to December 10th, 2019 represented by

Cheque Nos. 10006108 to 10006182 - $ 2,773,796.31; b. Payroll Deposit November 15th, 22nd and December 6th, 2019 - $69,832.32 for a total of $ 2,843,628.63.

• to accept the Financial Statement as of October 31st, 2019 as presented.

A letter was received from the Municipality of Oakland Wawanesa in regards to drainage issues in the Village of Carroll. A meeting with both Councils will be arranged to discuss the request of cost sharing a survey to address the poor drainage issues.

Building/Development Permits: Building Inspector Brent Fallis submitted the 2019 Annual Building Permit report for Council.

• to accept the 2019 Annual Building Permit/Inspection report as presented by the Building Inspector.

Public Works Report – December 5th, 2019 meeting reviewed: 1) Traffic Control signage – Lane north of Crescent Avenue W

Resolution No. 2019-230

Moved by Councillor D. Eissner: Seconded by Councillor W. Tanguay

WHEREAS the Public Works Committee has reviewed the following locations, which require traffic control: a) “NO PARKING” in lane north of Crescent Avenue W from northwest corner of Lot 7 Block 5 Plan 17 to 5th Avenue West THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Council for the Municipality of Souris-Glenwood authorize the placement of the above traffic signs.

• to approve the request by Norman Anderson for proposed drainage works for the installation of tile drainage on W 31 – 07 – 20W subject to the approval of an Application for License to construct Water Control Works from Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship.

FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED that all drainage activities must fall under the guidelines as set out by Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship.

AND FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED if open cut method is being used to cross municipal road allowances the completion of Roads Works Permit is required.

• to authorize the hiring of staff as per recommendations of the Souris-Glenwood Department of Parks and Recreation and Personnel Committee as attached.

• to authorize advertising in the program for Souris Minor Hockey Tournament of Champions at a cost of $ 100.00.

• to authorize the appointment of the following individuals as Board members to the Souris-Glenwood Community Development Board: Darlene Janssen – Chamber Appointment – Chairperson; Scott Murray – Chamber Appointment – Vice-Chairperson; Detlef Eissner – Council Appointment; Sandra Denbow – Council Appointment; Ryan Bossert - Member-at-large; Leslie Chudley – Member-at-large; Kim Eissner - Member-at-large; Darryl Jackson - Member-at-large; Harold Kuipers - Member-at-large; Betty Tanguay - Member-at-large; Loretta Turner - Member-at-large for a term expiring November 10th, 2020.

• to enter into a snow removal agreement with Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation for the removal of snow within the Town of Souris – PTH 22 from PTH 2 to Crescent Avenue at a rate of $76.61 per centimetre of snow based on a previous 5-year average of snowfall as recorded by Environment Canada for the periods of November 1st to March 31st of each year for an average snowfall

of 118.3 cm for 2019-20.

Council adjourned to meet again on Tuesday, January 14, 2020 at 7:00 p.m.



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