Senior's Organized Services

Assisting Seniors in Souris Glenwood

The Senior’s Organized Services (SOS) office is located at 135 3rd. street south. Phone 204-483-3106

Office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday. Coordinators are Teenie or Mary Ann.

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Hello to all, especially the seniors. Having you call us and asking us to come for a visit, whether it be in your home, apartment, hospital, or Care Home, we are always very happy to hear from you and to come visit you.  There doesn't have to be a special reason, just that you would enjoy some company for a bit.  We're as close as your phone call.

Senior Organized Services  (SOS), we are here to find you some help with housecleaning and/or yard work too! Often we hate to ask for help, but asking for some help is also often a very good thing. You get to meet someone new and in return your wok load is less, yes, you pay the worker but it is so worth it to get things done. Weekly, bi-weekly or as often as you need it, it is entirely up to you, don't hesitate, call us today. If you need a ride to Brandon or around town and the Handi-van is booked we do have a few drivers that will help you get to where you need to go.

What an awesome and exciting Christmas/Santa parade we had last Saturday, the floats were great and it was so good to see the streets of Souris lined up with vehicles and so many adults and children out to watch. Well done!

Some Words To Think About:

Here is a prayer we can all use: "Make the old tolerant, the young sympathetic, the great humble, the busy patient. Make the happy folk thoughtful, the clever kindly, the good pleasant, and, dear Lord, make me what I ought to be."

A poem by Ann Rutherford:

The clock is always ticking, the hands are moving slow, and yet it is surprising how fast the hours go! And when the hours turn into days, the weeks are passing by, it seems that time has sprouted wings, as the years begin to fly.

Each precious moment of our lives is changed from ‘now' to 'then’, offered to us only once, and never comes again.

Victoria Lifeline:  This service will get you assistance with just the push of a button seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Better to have one and never need it than to need it and wish you had it! Call us at the office for more information.

Coming entertainment in December: Dale and Brenda Lyons with Christmas Country Music.

Watch for more exciting details in the new year we have Prairie Joe coming back to Entertain us in February 2019.

Things To Do:

At Crescent Manor five days a week, great home cooked meals are available to you, and you do not have to live there to come and enjoy them, just call 483-3990 and let the cook know you would like to join the others for a meal.

Also at Crescent Manor on Thursday morning 10:00 a.m. fun exercises, come and join us there in the lower lounge, its free and its fun, and easy arm chair exercises. Only do the ones you feel comfortable doing, come and try its not hard its' fun, come and join us for some laughter and of course some exercising too!

At Victoria Park Lodge:

Monday and Wednesday 10 a.m.  Fun Chair exercises and visiting

Wednesday 1:30 Fun Bingo

Friday 1:30 Game Time: cards 500, sequence, scrabble; let us know what you would like to play. It's free and it’s fun!

That’s all for this week, take care and be sure to call us if you would like a home or office visit.


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