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The following is an RCMP Report from November 26 – December 2. The RCMP responded to the following Calls for Service:

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19 Traffic violations

3 Provincial statutes (mental health, fire prevention, coroner’s and 911 act).

8 Common police activities (alarms, suspicious persons/vehicles, assistance to general public).

4 Crimes against property

9 Crimes against persons

6 Other criminal codes

November 26

∙A vehicle on highway one slid off the road due to the icy conditions.  The vehicle then hit a tree. The occupants were uninjured but the vehicle had extensive damage.

∙Blue Hills RCMP and Westman traffic services attempted to pull over a speeding vehicle on highway 1.  The vehicle did not respond to any of the officer’s attempts to conduct a traffic stop. Other detachments were alerted to the issue.

∙A vehicle traveling on road 344 hit an icy patch.  The vehicle rolled in the air and landed upright.  Amazingly the vehicle could still be driven and the driver sustained no injuries.

∙A suspicious person was reported in Carberry. The RCMP is investigating.

∙RCMP responded to a Mental Health Act call.

November 27

∙Blue Hills RCMP were notified of two separate erratic drivers during the day on highway 1.

∙The Oakland Inn in Wawanesa reported mischief and uttering threats to the Blue Hills RCMP. Police responded and placed one individual under arrest.

November 28

∙Blue Hills RCMP had a report of six horses on Highway 2 in RM Glenboro- South Cypress. An additional call was reported that the horses were now in a field off the highway.

∙RCMP were asked to assist with a wounded deer on a property in the town of Wawanesa.

∙An erratic driver was reported on highway 1.

∙Another call of an erratic driver on highway 1 was also reported.  RCMP were able to locate the vehicle, but were unable to conduct a traffic stop. Other areas were notified of the vehicle and driver. The driver was arrested for being in a stolen vehicle as well as a suspect in a gas and dash in the Portage area.

∙A RM Cornwallis couple reported being the victim of fraud through their bank account.  The Police are investigating with the assistance of the bank.

∙Police assistance was requested by EMS to gain access to a residence where a medical distress call originated.

∙Members were asked to assist in locating an individual. The individual was located, safe and uninjured.

November 30

∙Blue Hills RCMP were dispatched to a disturbance in the RM of Whitehead.  One individual was arrested and taken to custody.

∙A semi slid into a ditch on highway 1 due to the icy conditions of the road.  No injuries were reported.

∙An abandoned vehicle was reported on highway 1

∙A vehicle was crossing the highway in Wawanesa and did not see on coming traffic. The result was a collision. No injuries were reported.

∙A hay bale was reported on highway 23 in the RM of Grasslands. RCMP assisted with the clean up.

December 1

∙RCMP received a call from a vehicle driver stating that they picked up a hitchhiker in Winnipeg that has become aggressive and violent. The caller was able to get the hitchhiker out of their vehicle and then call the police. The suspect tried to hide from the police, but they were found on neighbouring farm, crouching in the trees. The hitchhiker was arrested.

∙ Icy roads led to a vehicle sliding into the back of a semi on highway 1. No injuries were reported.

∙ Officers noticed an erratic vehicle while on patrol. The vehicle was stopped and the driver was determined to be impaired. The driver was arrested.

∙ An Elgin resident reported a theft. The police are investigating the matter.

∙ Members conducted a wellbeing check on an individual in Souris. The individual was no longer a resident, and the original caller was advised.


December 2

∙Carberry had two incidents of theft.  The police are investigating.

∙Blue Hills RCMP responded to a disturbance of the peace incident at the Robins Nest.

December 2   

∙ A driver was charged with emerging from a stop sign when it was unsafe to do so causing an accident in the RM of Cornwallis.

∙A speeder was charged on highway 10.

∙ The RCMP assisted with a Mental Health Act call.

∙ A credit card was opened in name of an individual that did not request the card.  Police are investigating.

∙A driver was reported to be break checking on highway 1.

∙ Gas was stolen from a garage on private property in the RM of Whitehead.

∙ A suspicious person was reported at the side of the road walking in a T-shirt. The individual was located, Checks conducted and the police helped in the quest of reaching Brandon.

∙A suspicious vehicle was reported in the RM of Cornwallis. It was removed before police arrived.

Blue Hills RCMP wish you a safe, crime free week and Please drink responsibly, we do not wish to meet you under those circumstances.

A reminder to residents to never provide personal information, such as birth dates, SIN numbers, credit card numbers, or e-mail addresses to parties you do not know.  If you feel you have been contacted by a fraudulent source, please contact the Anti Fraud line at 1-888-495-8501.

Criminal record checks and Vulnerable searches will require a 2-week span to complete.  It may take longer if you are required to have fingerprints done.

Criminal Record checks have a fee of $10.00 cash, as well as, Vulnerable searches.  The Vulnerable search fee can be waived with a letter from the organization stating your volunteer status.

Both searches require 2 pieces of valid government ID. One must contain a photo.

If you have any information about the above crimes, or any other crimes, please contact your local RCMP, Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477, the Secure Tip online at www.manitobacrimestoppers.com

Have a wonderful week.



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