Your daily astrology for Tuesday, December 11, 2018


A disagreement with a business or romantic partner could turn into an argument today. This won't do anything to increase the effectiveness of your relationship, Aries. If the smallest hint of a difference of opinion comes up, try to settle it before it gets too heated. Try to be objective and see the other person's point of view. Don't let a minor dispute turn into a power struggle.


Plans for a trip could go awry today because of circumstances beyond your control. A postponement might be necessary. This might prove very frustrating for you because you've been anxious to get going. Don't question the workings of the Universe, and don't make yourself crazy over it. Whatever setbacks you suffer today might in the long run prove to be blessings in disguise.


An upsetting dream may disturb your sleep tonight, Gemini. Some disturbing information about finances could prove upsetting today. This might involve your personal funds, those of a friend, the funds of an organization you're involved with, or the world economy in general. Don't go crazy before you find out the true facts. The information is probably erroneous.


It could be hard to complete tasks today. A disagreement with other household members might give you the idea that everyone is against you. This isn't so, Cancer. Try to be objective and consider other points of view, and don't turn this into a power struggle. Stay calm, take a deep breath, and try to communicate with the others. The results could prove pleasantly surprising!


Today you might need to run a lot of errands, Leo. This could prove frustrating. Traffic could be bad, you might not find what you need, and it may be difficult to reach those you need to consult. These are all circumstances beyond your control, so it's best to find something else to do. This is a great day to stay in and research matters that you may want to put to use.


Your practicality and good sense prove invaluable today, Virgo. Those close to you might be restless and upset, and you might have to steer them in the right direction. A close friend or lover may experience a financial upset, and you could be asked to help out. This isn't a good day to make a loan, although it's favorable for helping others find their own solutions.


A problem with your house - plumbing, electricity, phones - might necessitate calling in professionals, Libra. This might prove mildly irritating, as strangers could be going in and out all day, and you or other members of your household might be temporarily housebound when you have obligations elsewhere. Don't take your frustrations out on others. This will all pass by tomorrow!


An unexpected, upsetting letter or phone call might come today. This isn't major bad news, Scorpio. It's more likely to be the irritating little setbacks that force you to go more out of your way than you'd expected. Problems might pop up with computers, cell phones, or other forms of technology. Grit your teeth and do what it takes to move on. It won't help to get crazy.


A sudden, irritating interruption in your routine could come your way today, Sagittarius. A friend may need some advice, and you could feel obliged to give it, which would put your own projects on hold for a while. Don't be too irritated with this person, however. You might regret it later. You might also have some troubles with computers, cell phones, or other forms of technology.


Today your progress might slow a bit. Problems with computers, telephones, cell phones, or other forms of technology might interrupt your day, Capricorn. This might be frustrating and irritating. Even though you don't usually blow your top, today you might be tempted. Try to keep your cool. This should pass by tomorrow. You don't want to make others more upset than they already are.


Unforeseen problems with travel could come up today, Aquarius. There could be changes or delays in airline schedules, car breakdowns, or bad traffic. It might be a good idea to avoid travel of any sort if you can. It might stress you so much it would take you all day to calm down! This is a great day to stay in and read, especially about scientific or metaphysical subjects.


Arguments over money might come up, Pisces. This might not involve your own funds but money belonging to a group with which you're involved. Try to be logical. This isn't a good day to set your sights on new goals or make definite plans. Wait a day or two. If you start today, your project could be fraught with delays, interruptions, or disagreements.

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